Kodi, the new XBMC, sits a logo

A few months ago, an announcement shook the world of media centers: the name change from XBMC to Kodi , following not very interesting legal stories. At that point, the ad was accompanied by a small temporary logo, an image quickly cobbled together to mark the occasion but which was by no means the final Kodi logo, as the foundation pointed out.

Today, it is therefore this logo that is in question, since Kodi finally has one in its name. A simple, uncluttered logo, which is the result of a whole series of steps which in particular saw a very important participation of the community. Because that's also what the open-source world is all about.

Kodi The New Xbmc Sits A Logo

It all starts with XBMC's name change to Kodi, where the team realizes that they could have actually sought the advice of the community, which is largely involved in the progress and state of the project. This is how the foundation came up with the idea of asking the community for their opinion on the new logo.

And the least we can say is that the idea was successful: more than a hundred proposals have been launched!

A survey then made it possible to collect the most popular proposals, which the foundation presented to the Doghouse Media design firm. The mission of the latter was simple (in principle): mix these proposals to make one that suits as many people as possible.

And here is the result: a simple text “Kodi” accompanied by an icon representing a K on a blue background. Sober and efficient, this new logo changes from the old one and that is what was wanted.

The proposals made by the community also had another effect: one of the most popular proposals was an animation, and the development team would now like to make the Kodi start screen a animation. Proposing ideas for animation is thus the new mission of the community which should see the result in version 15 of Kodi (the next being the 14).

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