Koei Tecmo Suits Justice Over DVD Featuring His Naked Dead or Alive Characters

Koei Tecmo has announced that he has taken legal action regarding the marketing of a DVD featuring characters from his Dead or Alive franchise in a manner not authorized by the publisher. In other words, a mod would have been used to sell naked female fighters from the Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation episode.

Like a Senran Kagura or a Oneechanbara, the Dead or Alive series is suggestive and alluring. None of these franchises offer sexually explicit content, however, which can frustrate some of their respective audiences, who perhaps come together in one tide.

Koei Tecmo Suits Justice Over DVD Featuring His Naked Dead or Alive Characters

More or less daring parodies make it possible to find these characters in situations that cannot be found in the games from which they come. Beware of backlash, however, and Koei Tecmo grabbed the backlash to slap on the fingers of an individual who allegedly modified the Dead or Alive fighters for commercial gain.

In 2002, Tecmo won the nudity mod case for Dead or Alive 2

Kotaku reports that the company has filed a complaint with police in Kanagawa, Japan, regarding the sale of a DVD featuring the characters of Dead of Alive Xtreme 3 Venus Vacation in appearances prohibited by decency. For information, this game is the third quantified episode of a derivative series where the fighters of Dead or Alive relax in a summer setting.

According to Koei Tecmo, an individual has been identified who recorded footage of the game previously modified to burn them to DVD media. The product would then have been offered on an online auction site.

The plaintiff believes that he is the victim here of a violation of his copyright, and seeks damages in the context of a civil action. It is quite possible that Koei Tecmo will succeed after having already achieved a victory in a similar setting. In 2002, when Dead or Alive 3 made its Japanese and European Xbox debut, Tecmo thus won a lawsuit relating to a mod for Dead or Alive 2 which undressed, until the "Xtreme", the character of Kasumi. .

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