The App Store grossed twice as much as Google Play in 2020

The App Store has always made a lot of money for Apple, and it looks like the situation is not about to change. According to Sensor Tower , the application store would indeed have brought in more than 72 billion dollars to its publisher during the year 2020.

The figure is impressive, but it's even worse when compared to that of Google Play.

The App Store grossed twice as much as Google Play in 2020

Still according to the same source, the latter would indeed have reported “only” 38 billion dollars to Google. Or half the App Store.

The App Store reported big in 2020

The difference may be surprising, especially when these figures are compared to the market shares held by the two firms. Unlike Google, Apple can effectively only rely on its own products, with iOS only available on iPhone and iPad.

However, at present and according to the latest report published by Counterpoint , Apple is in fourth place on the podium behind manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi. Worse yet, Oppo, Vivo and Realme are right behind him.

Manufacturers who all use the Android platform and who mostly deliver their smartphones with Google Play.

In spite of this clear advantage, it would therefore seem that the App Store is much more lucrative.

A story of CSP?

How to explain such a difference ? It's hard to say, but it may be useful to remember that while there are fewer iOS devices, they are also generally offered at a much higher price than most Android devices on the market. It also means that their owners generally have a little more money, and can therefore spend more.

Still, the market as a whole is doing well. Sensor Tower thus reports a total increase of around 23.7% compared to the previous year, for a total of 143 billion dollars spent on the two platforms. The confinement therefore seems to have had positive effects on the activities of the two firms.

So of course, not all applications are equal. And precisely, on the App Store side, it is Honor of Kings which brought in the most money by generating $ 2.5 billion on its own. As for the most downloaded title, it is unsurprisingly Among Us. Besides, you will find here a series of several tips to get started .

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