LDLC launches its PC configurator

LDLC has just launched a new service designed for its customers: the Configurator. Thanks to this tool, Internet users will be able to create and save their configuration in a few clicks.

Accessible via this link , the LDLC Configurator therefore aims to help you create the PC of your dreams in a few clicks, all through an interface simple and accessible enough to be used by the largest world. Thanks to this tool, even your grandmother should be able to set up a configuration for Destiny 2.

Ldlc Launches Its Pc Configurator

More concretely, the Configurator takes the form of a long list made up of several options, options corresponding to all the components present at the heart of your central unit.

LDLC launches a configurator to help its customers build the configuration of their dreams

To feed your configuration, all you have to do is click on the button of each component and find the element of your choice in the list. In order to do things well, LDLC had the good idea to integrate filters to make your life easier.

Their operation is quite simple. After clicking on the button corresponding to the component of your choice, the Configurator will display a pop-up window listing all the associated products, products coming directly from the catalog of the French giant. There you can use the options above the list to filter the content of the list according to the brand or criteria of your choice.

The list presenting the products is also not lacking in appeal and it does not just show the name of the product or its price. Notes left by other users are also apparent, as are status or availability.

A simple and accessible tool

If the Internet user wishes to go further, he will also be able to click on a button to display the product sheet.

The Configurator is not limited to the components and it is also necessary to appear options corresponding to the services offered by LDLC (assembly, operating system) or to the peripherals.

Of course, it is perfectly fine for users to save whatever configuration they want to put aside. All you need to do is have an account on the platform. LDLC does not impose any limit and it will be quite possible to save several different configurations if necessary.

LDLC launches its PC configuratorLDLC launches its PC configurator

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