The CEO of Take-Two believes our video games will be photorealistic in… ten years

Take-Two is an editor behind the release of player-beloved licenses, some of which are called GTA or Red Dead Redemption, for latecomers. In other words, a major player in the video game industry, with a keen eye on the news in the field. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick often gives his opinion on questions that all gamers ask themselves, as recently with cloud gaming and virtual reality . But man knows that the community is waiting for only one thing: that our video games are, one day, similar to reality . A sweet promise for many …

And as GamesIndustry explains, during an online conference, Strauss Zelnick spoke about this desired photorealism in video games.

The CEO of Take-Two believes our video games will be photorealistic in… ten years

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According to the man, it will take ten years to achieve such a result.

Photorealism, a goal over a decade

Will our video games ever look like real shooting? That's what Take-Two executive Strauss Zelnick thinks. The man explained during a virtual conference that the technique will evolve enormously in the years to come , faster than before. Strauss Zelnick is banking on a big change in the next decade – enough to bring photorealistic graphics to games.

I think what you're going to find out is that the technology is going to allow our developers to create things that they couldn't do before, like making games that look completely like live action movies.

For the manager of Take-Two, his teams are already approaching such a result and believes that " we are currently creating a lot of productions approaching realism, but it is still animation ".

Take-Two confirms that it wants to seek photorealism, like many studios. Epic Games had recently unveiled its Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, with the promise of what our games will offer graphically in several years.

With this promise, there is no doubt that the next Take-Two games will offer incredible graphics. And when we know that Rockstar is preparing, for the publisher, GTA 6, players have something to be excited about.

But let's be reassured, some studios will continue to offer us games with artistic direction that do not go towards photorealism.

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