LED TVs – safety instructions manual

LED TVs – safety instructions manual

An LED TV, like any electronic device, must be maintained and protected in order for it to work optimally, year after year. We discuss, in the following lines, the various risks to which these devices are subjected, addressing aspects related to electronics, accidents, but also notions of protection and safety.

The LED TV has become an integral part of most modern homes, along with the automatic washing machine or refrigerator. No living room or bedroom will look complete without this entertainment device, it is part of the standard inventory, along with the room furniture.

Like the appliances mentioned above, the LED TV is exposed to various risks that can affect its functionality or shorten its life.


What risks are LED TVs exposed to?

First of all, LED TVs will be exposed to the same risks that most electronic devices are exposed to, respectively short circuits caused by defective components or overloads that can be caused by a faulty electrical network.

In fact, using the appliance in an area with high temperatures or placing a heat source near the TV can lead to overheating.

Direct exposure to the sun can have the same effect, the plastic from which the TV case is made can heat the components inside. In this context we can expect component failure or improper operation of the TV.

LED TVs – safety instructions manual

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