Lenovo PC speaker at € 19

If you're not fully satisfied with your PC sound, then here's an offer you might be interested in. Gearbest offers the Lenovo L101 speaker for € 19 with the code Q1LY1BUJUA . A very low price for a product that is both stylish and complete.

Product which will of course be sold new and which will be accompanied by all its usual accessories. Shipments will be made from China, with varying times depending on the shipping method chosen.

Lenovo Pc Speaker At E 19
The Lenovo L101 speaker

The code set up will work a limited number of times. If the promo interests you, it will be preferable to act quickly.

The Lenovo speaker at a knockdown price

The Lenovo L101 speaker takes the form of a sound bar. The accessory thus has a gray plastic body, with a fabric of the same color where the speakers are placed.

As a bonus, Lenovo has also added color LEDs to either side of the soundbar. LEDs which will come alive to the music.

It is also on one side of the accessory that the wheel is located which will control the sound volume.

The set-up is quite simple. To enjoy the Lenovo L101 speaker, simply plug its audio cable into the computer's jack and its USB connector into an available port. A laptop PC will be enough to power it.

Regarding the more technical part, the Lenovo L101 has two 6W speakers and it offers a frequency response between 25 Hz and 20 KHz.

So of course, the Lenovo L101 won't replace a 2.1 sound system or even big floorstanding speakers, but it should be of interest to people who travel a lot and have a PC with poor sound or poor quality. For less than 20 €, they can indeed strengthen their game a little.

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