Lidl no longer has the right to sell its Monsieur Cuisine Connect in Spain

Lidl surprised everyone with the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, a food processor offering functions similar to the famous Thermomix, but with an extremely attractive selling price. The robot was indeed offered around 359 €, which made it particularly competitive compared to its competitors.

But now, since then, justice has been there and the Teutonic brand no longer has the right to offer it for sale.

Lidl No Longer Has The Right To Sell Its Monsieur Cuisine Connect In Spain
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In fact, following the launch of Monsieur Cuisine Connect, the Vorweck company, which owns the Thermomix brand, had filed a complaint with the Barcelona commercial court.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect, a robot a little too inspired by the Thermomix?

In the complaint, Vorweck thus criticized the brand for having taken too much inspiration from its own products, both in terms of design and functions. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, but the case was still ongoing and the judge eventually delivered his verdict.

A verdict that does not go in the direction of Lidl. In reality, it is even quite the opposite, because the judge ruled in favor of the complainant and he thus declared that the Monsieur Cuisine Connect was indeed a copy of the Thermomix.

As a result, Lidl no longer has the right to offer it for sale immediately and the brand is also required to compensate Vorweck up to 10% of the turnover generated by the sale of Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

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A decision that only concerns Spain (for the moment)

A particularly harsh verdict which risks putting Lidl in an unenviable position. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect has indeed sold very well and it was launched in 2019. We can therefore imagine that the compensation in question must rise quite high. Lidl, however, remains free to appeal if it considers that the verdict is inconclusive … with all the risks that this entails, of course.

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For its part, the press service of Lidl contacted the Independent to inform him that this court decision was specific to the Spanish courts … and that only its Spanish division was concerned by the verdict. In other words, Monsieur Cuisine Connect should not disappear from French shelves… at least for the moment. With this first victory, Vorweck could indeed file the same type of complaint in the other countries of the European Union.

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