Liebherr GN 2323 freezer review – opinions and price details

Liebherr Gn 2323 Freezer Review Opinions And Price

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We continue our journey in the world of vertical freezers , this time stopping at a slightly more expensive model, namely the Liebherr GN 2323 freezer . It is part of the offer of many Romanian home appliance retailers, and can be purchased online in two steps and three movements.

Design and dimensions

The main reason that urges more and more Romanians to buy a separate freezer is, without a doubt, the space they can use to store food for a long time . Also, the space occupied in a home by the Liebherr GN 2323 freezer (dimensions 144.7 x 60 x 63 cm) will always be smaller than that required to place a refrigerated box, for example.

The Liebherr GN 2323 freezer is at the same time a much more ingenious food storage solution. The compartments with which it was equipped, 6 in number , encourage us to a better organization of food, in return for the way things go in a refrigerated box.

Energy consumption can be a disadvantage of vertical freezers , which, it is true, need more electricity to operate in proper conditions. Even so, the German product from Liebherr is part of the A + energy efficiency class , which we will mention a bit later.

Space organization

Liebherr Gn 2323 Freezer Review Opinions And Price 2 The choice of the best freezer is made according to the needs of each consumer. The net volume of this freezer is 188 liters , with the mention that in the market you will come across models with low capacity (50 liters) or, at the opposite pole, very large freezers (300 liters) . Depending on how many foods you will store here, also taking into account the holiday period (Christmas, Easter), you can choose the model that suits you best!

Most freezers come with 3 to 5 drawers . Well, the present model was provided with 6 such compartments . Enough space, therefore, and solutions to properly place food. Larger packages of meat, for example, will be placed in a slightly larger drawer , while vegetables and fruits have their place in the vegetable compartment . As I said, there is enough space to keep your favorite ice cream assortment, as well as other pans to be thawed at some point.

If you need more space, it is good to know that intermediate shelves can be easily removed. The interior space – VarioSpace – is to be used later for bulky foods (birthday cake, large packages of meat, etc.).

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Technical specifications

The freezer has a No Frost system (Liebherr NoFrost) . Under these conditions, we will no longer face the ice-filled interior walls and, implicitly, we will no longer waste our time defrosting the freezer for sanitation. The cooled circulating air will freeze the food in due time, the humidity being directed outwards. Food packages will no longer get that layer of frost, compared to what happens with other cheaper models . Optionally, buyers can additionally purchase their Vario card through the service network.

Liebherr Gn 2323 Freezer Review Opinions And Price 3 Returning to the energy consumption of the Liebherr GN 2323 freezer , on average, it will consume less than 24% electricity than the models classified in the following category (energy class A). 0.72 (kWh / 24h) and 264 (kWh / year), respectively. All reported at a noise level of 42 dB.

Like many recently launched models, the German manufacturer has taken care that this freezer does not lack a warning system when the door remained open (or was not completely closed); also, from the specifications we realize that the GN 2323 model allows the reversal of the opening direction of the doors when the space used is a limited one and, practically, the freezer doors cannot be opened to the right.


According to the impressions left by buyers, the Liebherr GN 2323 freezer is ideal for a large family, with a 4-year warranty (which can be extended for a fee), automatic defrost system, warning system when defects occur and not in the the latter, the VarioSpace system .

The latest technologies incorporated in this appliance ensure a quality storage of frozen food . Moreover, the quality-price ratio is satisfactory, adding to this the feeling of security that you will have knowing that such a quality product works for your well-being.

Click here for complete specifications and the price of the product presented in this article!

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