Lips, the social network without taboos

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are not letting anything go in terms of censorship. On these platforms, photos that are a bit naked and a nipple protruding can give you a warning. As you can imagine, the terms of service imposed by the Facebook group are causing great frustration among some content creators.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that can bypass this permanent censorship. This is Lips, a social network that was created in June 2020. It aspires to give more freedom to content creators by breaking all taboos and promoting body positivism and sex positivism.

Lips The Social Network Without Taboos
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Lips now presents itself as a true haven of peace for artists of all kinds, sex workers and members of the LGBTQIA + community.

A social network for marginalized groups

The story of Lips begins in 2008. At the time, it was just a university magazine that addressed only the LGBT community. The post gained momentum and then garnered tens of thousands of Instagram followers. This is where the idea to make a social network started.

Val Elefante, the community manager of Lips, explains through an article published on Medium that the platform wishes to support marginalized groups. According to her, they are the first to be harmed by the terms of use of platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

“Currently, social networks do not differentiate between sexual expression and sexual exploitation. Therefore, they chose to take a ruthlessly combative approach to sex that causes significant harm to female and LGBTQIA + designers, ” she writes.

come as you Are

On Lips , you can come as you are. This aspect allows the social network to position itself as a pioneer in its field.

“We believe the next generation of platforms should be sex and body positive,” it read.

Users of the platform are free to show their naked bodies on the platform or post photos of themselves in lascivious poses without having to worry about being banned. Due to its status, Lips is not available on the AppStore and Play Store. It presents itself as a "progressive web app." "

To access this social network, you will need to log in on a web browser. From there you will be able to install the application.

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