logitech g213 prodigy rgb gaming keyboard review


logitech g213 prodigy rgb gaming keyboard review

Benefits of logitech g213 prodigy keyboard:

It is a model for gaming – with a special design of the keys.

The exterior is resistant to splashes and liquids and looks durable in the face of impact.

It does not lack multimedia keys, useful in games.

The lighting can be programmed by software in terms of colors and keys highlighted in this way, allowing the individualization of the game module according to its type or title.

It has a comfortable palm rest for the user.


For some buyers a reason for dissatisfaction is the exacerbated brightness of LED bulbs that notify the status of Num Lock, Caps Lock, Game Mode and Scroll Lock, and although it is a model with membrane and not a mechanical one, pressing too fast will make a similar noise mechanical versions that are traditionally noisier.


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