Loon: Alphabet Internet balloons to land in Mozambique

After Kenya, it is now Mozambique's turn to take advantage of Alphabet Loon's Internet balloons. As a reminder, these stratospheric balloons make it possible to bring the Internet connection to the most remote places.

It has been announced that the balloons will bedeployed in the skies of Cabo Delgado and Niassa. The two provinces were chosen because they do not have 4G coverage.

Loon Alphabet Internet Balloons To Land In Mozambique

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Loon's internet balloons will allow residents to have a well-functioning internet connection, even in the event of a natural disaster. In this health crisis where social distancing is required, this initiative is more than welcome.

The collaborators for the project

Loon is part of the HAPS alliance of large companies, working to promote internet access using stratospheric balloons. We can see in this case that such a work cannot be done alone, the cooperation of several companies is essential.

So to deploy its Internet balloons in Mozambique, the company called on Vodacom, one of the country's main telephone operators. An agreement has already been signed between the two partners, marking the start of their collaboration. Vodacom will thus be able to take the opportunity to extend its coverage area, and offer its services, such as 4G, SMS, etc.

Balloons boosted by artificial intelligence

Alphabet's balloons that will provide the internet embed artificial intelligence to guide them into the stratosphere where they will fly between 50,000 and 70,000 feet above our heads. They will be able to stay there for a considerable number of hours to perform their role well.

But for them to function properly, it will be necessary to put in place all the ground infrastructure necessary to synchronize the operator's network and that of each balloon. Tests are also expected to ensure that the balloons will adapt to the wind in the stratosphere where they will be deployed.

As for users of the future service, they will need a “ 4G-VoLTE- compatible device and a SIM card ” in order to be able to connect to the Internet, no matter where they are in Cabo Delgado and Niassa.

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