Lost: the alternate ending that was originally planned

Lost is without a doubt the series that has divided viewers the most. Considered as a work of art by some and as a turnip for others, it was especially controversial because of its end . An end that many considered unsatisfactory.

But now, interviewed by EW , the showrunners and producers of the series revealed that they had originally thought of a much different ending. End which could not be shot for lack of means.

Lost The Alternate Ending That Was Originally Planned
Lost could have had a very different ending

Before continuing, a word of caution is in order. The rest of the article reveals many details about the plot and finale of Lost.

If you haven't seen the series yet, and if you don't want to break the surprise effect, it will be better to stop there.

How does the Lost series end?

Lost was broadcast in France between 2005 and 2010, for a total of five years. Five years during which many questions were asked. Most of them sadly remained on the table and this is precisely what earned the series many harsh reviews from viewers. Including many of his fans.

The finale, therefore, takes place in two distinct alternate realities.

In the first, the plane crashed onto the island and the Man in Black, the embodiment of evil, took Locke's body shell. With Ben's help, he sets off on a chase to destroy the island.

Jack, who has meanwhile been enthroned by Jacob, opposes him, however, helped by Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. Jack and Locke meet up when they head towards the source and Jack leaves with his antagonist. Desmond, who accompanies them, removes the plug from the source and violent tremors are felt all over the island. Locke runs away, Jack catches up with him, they fight and Locke realizes he's gone mortal again… before stabbing Jack. Kate then arrives and kills Locke, only to escape aboard a boat with Sawyer while Ben, Jack and Hurley return to the source.

Jack drinks the water, he goes down into the cave and he puts the cap back on… before returning to the forest, still injured. He then collapses to the ground and sees in the sky passing… the Oceanic flight 815. He closes his eyes, which contrasts with the first scene of the first episode which just started when he opened his eyes.

In the second reality, things turn out a little differently. Desmond and Hurley understand the significance of the famous flashes staged throughout the series. They then find their former comrades in a strange church and each remembers their past. Kate and Jack arrive last. Jack then approaches his father's coffin, and the memories come back to him.

But the coffin is empty. Jack realizes that he is dead and his father appears behind him. Jack asks him where he is and the latter explains to him that this place was created by all the survivors of the crash in order to allow them to meet and reunite. A bit like a gateway that leads them to another world. Jack's father then opens the doors of the church and an intense light shoots out.

The end that was originally planned

But as explained a little above, at the base, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse did not foresee this ending and they actually intended to introduce a new place in the last episodes of the series.

A new place, and more precisely a volcano. It was to be the island's ultimate surprise and explode in the last episode, once the plug was removed from its location:

“The volcano had been dormant since the start of the series. But with the approach of the denouement, the island would have become unstable and the volcano would have awakened. We should have a lot of seismic activity and a great final showdown between the forces of good and evil, with Jack and the man in black in the midst of a puddle spouting all over the place. ”

Damon lindelof

The idea was more generally to show that the island was a bit of a wall between good and evil. This would also have helped explain the famous smoke monster.

But now, reading the script, ABC quickly became disillusioned. To stage a volcanic eruption would have cost the network far too much and the script was therefore refused. The two showrunners then exchanged their volcano for the famous cave that you know.

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