LumaFusion now supports HDR (10-bit)

LumaFusion is currently one of the most comprehensive video editors available on iOS. Praised in particular by iPad and iPad Pro users, it offers functions quite similar to classic editors such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut.

Despite the success of their solution, the developers of the tool continue to evolve it and they just announced very good news for everyone who owns one of the new iPhone 12s.

LumaFusion now supports HDR (10-bit)

LumaFusion will now effectively support 10-bit HDR in version 2.4.

LumaFusion takes a step towards HDR

Indeed, with this new version, LumaFusion 2.4 will be able to create projects based on the Rec-709, the HLG or the PQ P3 and it will then become possible to take full advantage of the capabilities of the iPhone 12 in terms of HDR … but also other cameras.

Better yet, the tool will also allow its users to easily switch from one color space to another. All they will have to do is go to the software options. They will even be able to choose a color space to use by default when creating new projects.

So of course, LumaFusion is not the first to support HDR, but this novelty should be of interest to people who have gotten used to editing their videos with the iPad Pro, for example.

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Note that this new version does not stop there. It will also allow editors to define project parameters to save time. New functions oriented green or blue backgrounds are also present and it will also be possible to limit the access of the application to certain photos.

Remember for the form that LumaFusion is not free. However, with a price stuck at 32.99 €, it remains one of the most accessible mounting solutions at present.

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