Lupine: the second part will be released this summer

It will apparently take a lot of patience before being able to discover the sequel to Lupine . Indeed, the second part of season 1 will not arrive for several months.

It's official, the other five episodes of Lupine won't be available until the summer. Arrived on Netflix on January 8, George Kay's soap opera inspired by the universe and character of Arsène Lupine, created by Maurice Leblanc, has become a real phenomenon on a global scale. In the United States for example, the series is at the top of American trends on the streaming platform. And Omar Sy, the interpreter of Assane Diop, was recently congratulated by Sharon Stone. Season 1 consists of 10 episodes, five of which have already been available on Netflix for several weeks.

Lupine: the second part will be released this summer

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For the other five, it will therefore be necessary to be patient before being able to discover them.

Information shared by the creator of the soap opera

You should know that George Kay had already mentioned an exit for this year. He had mentioned it during an interview with the Spanish site SensaCine. “For now, you can follow a first part of five episodes. The second part of five more episodes should be ready at the end of this year. We have already shot these episodes. It's very promising, ” he said.

Then this afternoon, Netflix confirmed that the second part of Lupine will be released this summer. Same story with Omar Sy.

As you can see, all 10 episodes were filmed at the same time. A detail that Louis Leterrier, director of three episodes of the first part, had already mentioned earlier this month. So why such a wait? We can assume that the assembly was impacted by the pandemic, which limits the movement of people, and therefore, technical teams.

A new distribution strategy?

It's also possible that this is a new streaming strategy adopted by Netflix. Remember that other soap operas such as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Sabrina and Unsolved Mysteries are broadcast in the same way.

For your information, Lupine is also a creation of François Uzan. Omar Sy puts himself in the shoes of a man who seeks to avenge his father. The show also sees the participation of Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Hervé Pierre and Soufiane Guerrab.

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