MacBook Air gets a makeover

Apple held a press conference this afternoon dedicated to its latest products. The brand took the opportunity to lift the veil on a new version of the MacBook Air .

Contrary to what some rumors suggested, the Californian giant has indeed not decided to bury its new ultraportable, but rather to give it a second wind through a thinner, more airy and above all more powerful model.

Macbook Air Gets A Makeover

The new generation MacBook Air will clearly draw its inspiration from the MacBook side.

The MacBook Air redesigned from scratch

Like him, it inherits an extremely thin aluminum frame. Apple hasn't done things by halves here. The computer has a footprint 17% less than that of the previous generation, for a weight of up to 1.24 kg. Another detail and not the least, its frame is entirely made of recycled aluminum!

The screen does not change diagonal. The MacBook Air does indeed not exceed 13.3 inches. Big jump on the other hand on the definition side. Retina is indeed making its entry, with a total definition of 4 million pixels.

The keyboard has been completely redesigned, with a butterfly type architecture. According to Apple, the latter will be both faster and more precise than that of the brand's old ultrabook. The touchpad is 20% larger and there is also a Touch ID reader placed to the right of the row of function keys.

A design inherited from MacBooks

The operation of this reader will be ensured by a T2 chip. The latter will be responsible for managing all biometric data and – of course – for ensuring their security.

The connection goes straight to the point. Two Thunderbolt 3 connectors are on the left edge, in USB Type-C format. The headphone jack is on the other side. No card reader in sight. Obviously difficult to be surprised given the brand's policy.

Power side, of course, everything will depend on the model. The MacBook Air will be able to take advantage of the 8th generation Intel Core i5s, but also a maximum of 16 GB of RAM and 1.5 TB of SSD. The price of the machine will start at $ 1199. Prices in euros have not been communicated.

Available now for pre-order, the MacBook Air will be released on November 7, in three colors: silver, space gray and bronze.

Macbook Air Gets A Makeover 2

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