MacBook Air Retina is not for now

The MacBook Air Retina will obviously not be presented during the next edition of WWDC. According to some sources, the new ultra-portable of the Apple brand may indeed be a little behind schedule.

According to several sources, Apple is currently working on a new computer designed especially for a nomadic public, a computer supposed to dust off the MacBook Air range.

MacBook Air Retina is not for now

Most observers expected a stalled presentation for the next edition of WWDC, but that obviously won't be the case.

A MacBook Air Retina before the end of the year?

According to an informant close to the brand's business and working in close collaboration with the Digitimes site, Apple would have indeed made the decision to postpone the launch date of this new machine following problems encountered in the supply chains.

The MacBook Air Retina should therefore not be presented during the next WWDC, but rather during the third quarter of the year and therefore between July and September.

Digitimes did not stop there and the report published by the site indicates that this new machine should logically be equipped with a 13-inch screen capable of displaying a Retina-type definition, with a latest generation processor and a price of a little softer sale.

A more accessible price?

The information should be taken with the usual rumors tweezers, but the machine could indeed be offered, in its basic configuration at 899 or $ 799. By proceeding in this way, Apple would indeed like to offer a solid alternative to other ultrabooks on the market while coming – slightly – to tease Chromebooks in their field.

It should be remembered that the other machines of the brand are much less accessible. The MacBook, for example, is currently offered in the US for $ 1,299 in its base version, a price that doesn't make it especially competitive against other laptops.

Digitimes is not the first to evoke the launch of a new MacBook Air and this machine was thus evoked earlier in the year by the essential Ming-Chi Kuo, of the analysis firm KGI Securities.

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