MacBook Pro (2021): the return of MagSafe confirmed by Mark Gurman

The MacBook Pro (2021) has been on everyone's lips since this morning. In question, a report made by the eminent Ming-Chi Ku o. A report stating, among other things, a new design, new diagonals, the disappearance of the Touch Bar and… the return of the MagSafe.

And now it's Mark Gurman's turn to confirm some of this information, with some nuance.

MacBook Pro (2021): the return of MagSafe confirmed by Mark Gurman

Contrary to what our younger readers might think, the MagSafe didn't originate with the iPhone 12.

The MacBook Pro (2021) would mark the return of the MagSafe

In fact, this name was used for the very first time by Apple in 2006 to designate a magnetic connector designed for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. A connector capable of unhooking – and hooking up – in an instant thanks to skillfully placed magnets.

This connector has been with us for a few generations before disappearing following the arrival of USB Type-C on the brand's laptops and ultra-laptops. And since then, nothing. At least if we except the iPhone 12 launched last year.

But precisely, as we saw this morning, Apple would not intend to limit itself to its smartphones and the firm would also consider restoring the MagSafe on the MacBook Pro of 2021. Information confirmed by the sources of Mark Gurman, sources that give a little more details on how it works.

According to these, therefore, the new generation MagSafe would actually be identical to the connector that we have known. In addition, it would not be intended to replace the USB Type-C connectors that would still be present on the new generation of MacBook Pro.

No big design changes in sight after all?

A detail that is important, the user would remain totally in control and he could thus choose between a charge by MagSafe or a charge by USB Type-C according to the imperative of the moment. Mark Gurman, on the other hand, thinks that the load by MagSafe could be a little faster.

Unsurprisingly, the Bloomberg reporter also thinks that the next MacBook Pro will rely on an Apple Silicon type chip. A more powerful chip than the M1 present on board the Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro at the end of last year. Likewise, it evokes two different diagonals and 14 and 16 inch models.

On the other hand, there is an important nuance. Contrary to what Ming-Chi Kuo says, Mark Gurman does not think that these new MacBook Pros will be entitled to a new design. He therefore expects that they will basically use the same chassis as the current models. The MagSafe would suddenly be the main novelty in terms of design.

What about the Touch Bar? She would disappear well, as has already been said by Ming-Chi Kuo. The launch, finally, should occur around the middle of the year, that is to say around the month of June. The MacBook Pro (2021) could therefore be unveiled during the next WWDC.

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