MacBook Pro: no big changes in sight this year

The MacBook Pro should be updated before the summer, but obviously we should not expect a revolution. Not according to the indiscretions of the sources of the Digitimes site in any case.

Apple made its mark last year with the launch of a MacBook Pro with an all-new design and a touch bar placed above the keyboard. Despite its undeniable qualities, the computer has been the target of strong criticism, mainly relating to its connectivity.

Macbook Pro No Big Changes In Sight This Year

To save space, the manufacturer has indeed chosen to remove the SD card reader, the HDMI output and the Ethernet port to focus only on USB Type-C ports and Thunderbolt.

The MacBook Pro (2018) shouldn't revolutionize the genre

While most of the brand's customers have praised its daring, many have criticized it for limiting its machine too much.

Apple would not, however, change its formula next year and this is in any case what we can deduce from the confidences gleaned by the specialized site Digitimes. According to our colleagues, the MacBook Pro (2018) should not indeed mark a break in the history of the range.

This information should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but the firm has decided to transfer part of the production of its laptops to Foxconn, a production initially entrusted to Quanta.

Until now, the distribution has been done as follows: 20% of production for Foxconn and 80% for Quanta. However, Apple would have chosen to cut the pear in half by entrusting 50% of its production to the first and the remaining 50% to the second.

A change in production lines

The main purpose of the move, according to the site's sources, is to cut costs, and it would be made possible by the fact that the MacBook Pro is not expected to undergo a drastic change. This year, Apple should therefore focus on the guts of its PC and more specifically on its processor and RAM.

In itself, this news is not necessarily a surprise. Apple has a habit of re-designing its products from one year to the next in order to limit its costs in terms of R&D. The new design of the computer dating from last year, it therefore seems logical to find this year a machine very close to the latter.

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