macbook pro touch id not working after big sur update?

Apple has chosen to extend Touch ID to MacBook Pros for a few generations now. Some models thus embed a reader used mainly to open the user's session or even authorize online payments.

The function is solid, but it might not go far enough. Apple therefore decided to extend it to form fields displayed by Safari.

macbook pro touch id not working after big sur update?

At least that's what emerges from Developer Beta 1 of macOS 10.14.4.

New for MacBook Pro Touch ID

While browsing through the options of this version, curious people have indeed come across a new function integrated into Safari and linked to AutoFill.

Safari has in fact offered an option for several versions to facilitate the filling of cross-form fields during our consultation sessions on the web. Thanks to it, users can save time by automatically filling in form fields and entering, for example, their name, address or email without any special effort.

MacOS 10.14.4 should for its part offer a brand new option linking this function to the Touch ID reader present on MacBook Pros.

When faced with a form, the user would therefore only have to put his finger on the fingerprint reader of his computer to automatically fill in his fields.

Apple News in force on macOS 10.14.4 and iOS 12.2?

Also in this same beta, several users located in Canada were also surprised to discover the presence of a new module dedicated to Apple News, the news service developed by the firm. According to usual observers, the next version of macOS will not be the only one to offer something new on this side and an application should also be integrated into iOS 12.2.

It should be remembered, however, that it sometimes happens that features present in the betas are not retained for the final versions. Caution is therefore required with regard to these various novelties.

Nothing says that the company will retain them for the final versions of macOS 10.14.4 and iOS 12.2.

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