Macys review squad in 2021 + 20 answers about how to write reviews

These are the steps into the most exclusive gang around! Here’s how it works for the Macys review squad:


We’re invite-only, so sign up for emails & keep an eye out for your invitation.


We’ll send you free, full-sized products—sometimes before they’re even available in stores.


Macys review squad in 2021 + 20 answers about how to write reviews

You’ll be helping other shoppers find the perfect picks.

Macy’s Review Squad allows invited participants to provide honest and unbiased reviews on new or currently sold products in an effort to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions.

Want to get in? Sign up for your chance to get an invite! (invitation-based) Here’s the link for SIGN UP  into the macys squad program.

Here are the most asked questions about  Macy’s Review Squad:

How do I join Macy’s Review Squad?

At this time, participation in Macy’s Review Squad Program is invite only and limited to the United States.

What types of products does Macy’s Review Squad offer?

The participating brands offer products based on what they want your valued opinion on most, including pre-release and seasonal products.

How do I qualify for product offers?

We select community members who are in good standing and are the best match for the product based on their member profile. We use the information in your profile to determine which products to offer you. If your profile is incomplete, you may not receive any sampling offers.

When will I receive product offers?

Macy’s Review Squad offers are ongoing. When the product selection window is open, eligible members can browse available products. Quantities are limited and requested on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Review Squad Community Members are required to complete their member profile, provide an accurate phone number, and provide a physical address (PO Boxes are not allowed). Members must live within the continental United States. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.


Are Macy’s employees eligible to become Macy’s Review Squad Community Members?

No. Macy’s employees, their affiliates, and suppliers are not eligible.

Where do I post my review?

Reviews are submitted through the Macy’s Review Squad site, not through We will send you an email specific to the products you sampled, with a direct link to a review submission form OR you can log into your Macy’s Review Squad account to see the list of products you have received. You will see a “Write a Review” button next to any product you haven’t reviewed yet.

Macys review squad in 2021 + 20 answers about how to write reviews

What information should I include in my review?

Please follow the Macy’s Review Squad Writing Guidelines. Reviews should focus on the product and product quality, not delivery or customer service. If you experience delivery or customer service issues, please reach using the “Contact Us” form under “Your Account.”


Will Macy’s edit my review?

No. All Macy’s Review Squad reviews will be posted unedited, regardless of whether they are favorable or not, provided they follow the Macy’s Review Squad Writing Guidelines.


Do I need to return the item after reviewing it?

No. Macy’s Review Squad products are yours to keep!

How do I remove myself from the Macy’s Review Squad program?

If you choose to no longer participate in Macy’s Review Squad, please login to your account and use the “Deactivate Your Account” link in the Your Account section.


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