Make money hobbies in 2022

Having a hobby is a great way to relax, express ourselves creatively, and even get in better shape.You’ll find out why it’s important to have a hobby and how it might help you advance in your career if you do it!

Hobbies ideas

What’s a hobby?

When we think of leisure activities, many of us first think of city nightlife, festivals, or just plain fun.

On the other hand, a hobby is more than just enjoying the pleasures of the moment.We might say that a hobby is something we do for fun, but it should also help us grow as people and in our careers.

All of these hobbies, whether it’s photography, modern dance, horseback riding, or acting, help to make a person more unique in a balanced way

To put it another way, a lot of successful people spend a lot of time and money on things they like.


The hobbies listed on a CV

Have you ever thought that the things you like to do outside of work could help you get a job? Did you know that putting your favorite hobbies on your resume will make it easier for you to get a job?


Companies are looking for people who can think outside the box and aren’t just “checking boxes,” but who can also be creative and open to new ideas and possibilities.

So, in addition to your professional achievements, you might want to include on your CV any hobbies or interests that could give you an edge over other candidates.

This is even more reason to make sure that at least one of your hobbies has something to do with what you do at work. You have an advantage in the eyes of the employer.

If you’re an architect who also likes to take pictures or paint in your spare time, that’s a great sign that you’re interested in both the technical and artistic parts of your job.

There are also hobbies that have nothing to do with your specialty but look good on a CV.

Most employers want to hire people who are well-balanced and live healthy lives. They don’t want to hire people who say on Monday morning that they are “recovering” from the crazy parties they went to over the weekend. So, if you are active and play a sport, don’t be afraid to put that on your CV.

The saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” (mens sana in corpore sano) will never go out of style, and it’s good to know that most multinational companies promote a healthy way of life.

You might even be surprised to learn that sometimes important decisions are made at the top management level while people are playing chess or tennis.

So, here are a few examples of hobbies that you can put on your CV and that can help you grow both personally and professionally.

Hobbies by gender

Because everyone is different, everyone will have a hobby that is different from the others. Especially when it comes to gender, it’s clear that women and men will have very different lists of things they like to do.

It’s not impossible, for example, for a woman to like football and a man to like makeup-ull, but in most cases, hobbies are separated by gender.

Here are some hobbies that men and women like to do.

What women do for fun
Even though it’s not always the case, women tend to find ways to relax in the cultural and artistic world. Some of the things that women do for fun are creative workshops, make-up classes, and Latin or modern dance.

Yoga & Pilates

Pilates and yoga classes are popular because they help the body work together in a healthy way and make people feel calm.

In the last two years, women who work from home have been able to shape their bodies by taking online yoga and pilates classes.

This type of sport has become very affordable, as all you need is an isoprene mattress and a light outfit as the bare minimum gear. Many of the women took advantage of this chance and started businesses based on their interests. So this example of a hobby moved from the list of things to do for fun to the list of things that people do for fun all the time.

They then started teaching yoga and pilates classes, and some even opened their own studios and started their own businesses.

Coach  life

And, as we’ve already said, a healthy body also needs a healthy mind. So, life coaching is a second hobby that became more popular in 2020 and 2021.

This type of education has become very easy for anyone to get, whether it’s through acting classes for personal growth or just counseling.

At a time when many people were having trouble figuring out who they were, life coaching was both a way to spend free time and a great way to change careers.

So, many of the women quit their full-time jobs to help other people. In turn, they built new virtual or real-world communities and turned their hobby into a full-time job.

This type of counseling has grown into other areas, like health, beauty, art, lifestyle, and fashion, because there are so many different ways to specialize in it.


Dancing is another activity that most women do, especially in bachata or kizomba classes, but this is not always the case. There are many examples of men who have danced with women as a hobby and then put on a show.

Try any kind of dance if you want to be more girly and sexy. At first, you might feel like you can’t keep up, but over time, the pace will win. Also, this hobby for women will help you lose weight and shape your body better.

Handmade products

Even though this isn’t always the case, making things by hand is often a hobby for women, especially when it comes to things like soap flowers, decorating objects, making soap, or making candles. One of the creative hobbies for women that has come back into style in the past few years is sewing or embroidery.

Hobbies for men

Men are more interested in practical things than women are, so even when they have free time, they look for things to do that will help them at work. So, here’s a list of things that men can do for fun.

Financial education

One of the subjects that gets the least attention in school is financial education. Because of this, a lot of people, especially men, like to do this as a hobby.

Some of the most popular hobbies that can make you money are webinars, specialty books, and networking events where different speakers are invited.


Cycling is one of the most relaxing sports because it gives you a sense of freedom and is an eco-friendly way to get around.

The Washington Area Bicycle Association did a study and found that only 20% of cyclists are women. This is because women are more interested in indoor activities like fitness, pilates, and yoga, while men like to do things outside.

Men also have different metabolisms and changes in hormones, which makes it easier for them to do sports with more cardio.

Fishing and hunting

Even though hunting and fishing aren’t the best ways to make a living, most men find them to be the most relaxing ways to spend their free time.

As was already said, men like to do things outside that are both fun and useful. We can say that hunting and fishing are the oldest things men have done. This means that men have been responsible for getting food since prehistoric times.

Even though we get most of our food from the store now, man has always been a hunter.

Golf is called “the sport of the rich” and is played less often in Romania.

Elegant and refined, it is a noble sport that helps you most by teaching you to be patient and to negotiate. Even though it can be frustrating when you put the ball where it shouldn’t be, it’s a great way to build character.


You want to run away from Forrest Gump when you’re sick of everything. Running is one of the most popular ways to get exercise because it helps you relax and lose weight.

Even though it is a sport for both men and women, most men play it.

Fun things for kids and teens to do
For kids and teens to grow up in a healthy way, they need things to do with their free time. Teenagers need things to do to burn off energy and improve their social skills.

In this age of technology, both young children (6–12 years old) and teenagers turn to tablets or smartphones for comfort. Because of this, it is very important for parents to find hobbies for teenagers that are both productive and relaxing, preferably ones that they can do outside.

So, here are some activities you can give your child:

Workshops for ideas

In both childhood and adolescence, creativity is one of the most valued traits, and creative hobbies help them develop their creativity even more, taking it to a new level.

So, if your child is interested in art and culture, you could take him to a workshop where he can make things.

There are places that combine different arts now, so if you aren’t sure whether to give it to painting, piano, or acting, let him experience the syncretism of the arts.


No matter what kind of sport it is, all of them help the body and mind grow in a balanced way.

So, in many countries, like the United States, students have to pick a required sport at school. On the other hand, many children in Romania don’t have to go to sports classes and don’t do any kind of physical activity on their own time.

Try to find a sport that your child likes, even if he isn’t the most active. He will thank you for sure in the future. Team sports, like volleyball, handball, and basketball, are especially good for kids. If you have a social child or one who is more shy, these are the best choices.

Individual sports like ballet, gymnastics, or acrobatics, on the other hand, are great hobbies for teens and kids who are flexible and like to be disciplined.

Foreign languages

What could be more useful and enjoyable than learning a new language? Even more so when they are young and soak up everything like a sponge. Also, many kids want to learn certain languages more than others, which can make it an interesting hobby, like learning Chinese.

Language centers not only teach people how to speak a language, but they also have cultural and artistic activities for people of all ages.

So your child can watch foreign-language movies, read fiction, or take part in a group discussion to improve his or her communication skills.

Fun things you can do to make money
Well, we’ve finally reached the most interesting part, where we talk about hobbies that can make you money!

So how do you turn your hobbies into money?

Twenty years ago, to make sure you had a job in the future, you had to do “the right thing” and go to a “serious” college. Today, people want to do