Mall in Malaysia stormed during promotional sale of Apple products

The anecdote reported by The Verge takes place in Malaysia and it is comparable to the frenzy of sales periods that we know in our regions. With the announcement of a commercial operation offering Apple products at very low prices, a crowd of consumers responded overwhelmingly.

Organized by Switch, an electronic products distribution store, the operation consisted of a sale of demonstration products bearing the image of the Apple brand at unbeatable prices: MacBook Airs below the 100 € bar, iPhone 5S for less than 50 € or even iMacs for nearly 200 €.

Mall in Malaysia stormed during promotional sale of Apple products

It is therefore easy to understand the enthusiasm generated by such a campaign among consumers in a hurry to make a deal.

A gathering of 11,000 people for 200 products

The day before the fateful day of the sale, more precisely 19 hours before the opening, a queue began to form even though the distributor had given the instructions forbidding those interested to wait in front of the shopping center.

On D-Day, a crowd of nearly 11,000 people invaded the aisles and the surroundings of the sign, waiting to be able to afford one of the 200 products offered for sale by the distributor. This is the number of demonstration units that the store intended to sell for the benefit of the few thousand consumers.

The distributor victim of its success

Faced with the human tide, the people in charge of Switch preferred to play the security card and suspend the operation at the risk of endangering its staff as well as the customers themselves. Customers have returned home after hours of waiting without having been able to access the objects of their desire.

However, officials have apologized via their Facebook account for the cancellation of sales, saying they have been completely overwhelmed by the influx of customers and that such moves will be done online in the future for obvious security reasons.

This story allows us to measure Malaysian enthusiasm for high-tech products, which represents opportunities for players in the sector. In any case, it must have pleased Apple to know that its products are so adored.

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