MareNostrum 4, the unusual data center built in a 19th century church

It's official, the MareNostrum 4 can be considered the most beautiful data center in the world.

Because of its performance, this machine is found to 25th place in the ranking of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The peculiarity of MareNostrum 4, however, lies in the fact that it was installed in a church whose foundation dates from the 19th century. This discovery proves once again that you should never be fooled by appearances.

MareNostrum 4, the unusual data center built in a 19th century church

Engineers, technicians and specialists had the good idea to store the MareNostrum 4 in a chapel located in Barcelona. More specifically, it is the Torre Girona chapel of the Polyclinic University of Catalonia. At first glance, it has the same shape and the same architecture as those thousands of Spanish churches.

For now, the MareNostrum is available in two versions: the MareNostrum 3 and the MareNostrum 4. Numerous works qualify the latter as being a versatile supercomputer.

Outstanding performance

Unlike its predecessor, the MareNostrum 3, the MareNostrum 4 offers unparalleled performance. It has a storage capacity of 14 petabytes, which is equivalent to 14 million GB.

Its speed reaches over 13 petaflops. It can therefore accomplish a large number of operations within a second.

The MareNostrum 4 is none other than the work of Lenovo, a company that is arguably no longer necessary to present. While the original model went online in 2005, the MareNostrum 4 supercomputer was only unveiled in 2017. Its system is powered by servers which are linked together by cables measuring around 60 in all. km.

The MareNostrum 4 entirely dedicated to science

The MareNostrum 4 supercomputer is the result of an investment of around 40 billion dollars. In the context of various studies and projects, it will be made available to scientists and researchers alike. This machine could well revolutionize the universe of astrophysics, geology and geophysics. It will also be used during research on the human genome.

Before hosting the MareNostrum 4 supercomputer, the Torre Girona chapel was suitable for multiple uses. The space has undergone some modifications. However, the experts did a remarkable job. The MareNostrum 4 is today a unique data center of its kind.

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