Maridruna Vest in 2021

Maridruna Vest

The Serb brand of knitwear is Maridruna. Due to a profound desire to revive and modernise ancient art of knitting, Mariana Andric created Maridruna in 2015.

Mariana puts women at the forefront of the brand as a true philanthropist. Maridruna strengthens the work and true sense of community of the Serb local women.

Maridruna Vest

Our knitwear is 100% organic, local-produced, fair trade wool. The result is luxury handmade, substantial and trendy items.

Every piece was hand crafted in the charming rural areas of Serbia by a local female craftsman and guarantees environmental and economic sustainability.

Maridruna Vest 1Maridruna Vest

Mariana works with a knitter group with an experience of more than 60 years. Together they concentrate on every form of fibre, shape and twist in the yarn to give a contemporary luxury manufactured product.

We are an ethically aware fashion company, which offers modern women from around the globe.

Maridruna Vest 2

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