Marlène Schiappa and the story of the funny video posted on Instagram

Marlène Schiappa has been at the heart of a vast controversy for a few hours. In question, a video posted on his Instagram account and appearing to be product placement.

The video was released last Sunday and it shows a woman positioned from behind and moving her freshly styled and slicked back hair, with very cinematic slow-motion and an incongruous caption to say the least.

Marlene Schiappa And The Story Of The Funny Video Posted On Instagram
Photo by Anthony Tran – Unsplash

In the text accompanying the sequence, Marlène Schiappa indeed thanks a hairdressing salon for “this straightening which repairs the hair and will therefore allow me to save precious minutes before each morning”.

Marlène Schiappa at the center of a controversy for a video posted on her Instagram account

Very quickly, the controversy swelled and many Internet users have criticized the Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship for behaving like a beauty influencer. An attitude described as unworthy for a member of the government.

To make matters worse, the account of the Minister Delegate was then passed in private. An action considered as an admission by detractors of Marlène Schiappa.

But now, on the side of the minister's entourage, we do not see things quite the same way. According to the words of a relative, comments reported by Lucas Burel, a journalist working for the Obs, this video would in reality be a “false post”. As for the account passed in private, the decision would have been taken because of the “harassment undergone for a few hours (…) on the basis of a fake news” .

Still, Internet users do not seem totally convinced. Many have pointed out that the tree in the video is the same as the one in other photos published by Marlène Schiappa on her Instagram account. Photos taken at her home.

For the moment and as we write these lines, Marlène Schiappa has not directly commented on the situation. Neither through official channels nor even on its other social accounts. A silence that seems to annoy more than the video itself.

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