Medisana Ab Trainer Review

Medisana Ab Trainer ReviewMedisana ems body trainer review

Medisana Ab Trainer Review: For many people, abdominal muscles are a “problem zone” Thanks to the long usage of electrical muscle stimulation in physiotherapy, saggy muscles can be developed and regenerated. The muscle stimulator AM 880 uses electric impulses, which activate the anterior abdominal musculoskeletal and facilitate circulation in the blood. Skill and practise your abs – from home only! You can also wear the AM 880 under clothing with the flat shape, so that even the muscles can be trained on the way!

Medisana Ab Trainer ReviewMedisana Ab  ems Trainer

You just add the three (including) gel pads on the belt’s bottom and slap them around your tail to protect your stomach. You hit the Power button and you’re off, pick the intensity.

Ems  trainer video about medisana

It sends the EMS pulses through your heart every five seconds and with both the more and the fewer buttons you can progressively increase or decrease your pressure.

Medisana  Review about LCD display

You’ll learn how much time is left on the LCD display. It doesn’t hurt, but it can be very uneasy if you set the level to be too high to start.

Medisana Ab Trainer Review