Microsoft: a new Surface will be released in May 23?

Microsoft presented a new edition of its operating system and a new ultrabook earlier this week . However, the firm still has one or two surprises in stock. Panos Panay has indeed posted on Twitter the photo of a rooftop located in Shanghai while promising an announcement for the end of the month, an announcement visibly linked to the products of the Surface range.

Panos Panay, for those who do not yet know him, is the Corporate VP in charge of everything related to the brand's devices. Better, he is also the man at the head of the Surface division and he is therefore well placed to know the future announcements of the company.

Microsoft A New Surface For May 23

Early this morning, our friend therefore posted on Twitter the photo of a magnificent rooftop located in Shanghai, a rooftop offering an unrivaled view of the city's business center and all of its skyscrapers.

Microsoft to hold conference on May 23

But the interest of this message is not limited to this view. The photo is indeed accompanied by a sudden message alluding to a new event scheduled for the end of the month: “See you in Shanghai. May 23. #MicrosoftEvent #Surface ” . If we are to believe the carefully placed hashtags at the end of the post, then this special event would have a direct link with products belonging to the Surface family.

However, the message does not allude to the nature of the announcements and it is therefore unclear which products the event will focus on, well not yet.

However, there is no shortage of hypotheses and while it is obviously very difficult not to think of the Surface Pro 5 when reading this post, Microsoft could very well catch everyone by announcing a completely different new product.

A new Surface product in sight?

Earlier in the week, Satya Nadella indeed threw a huge stone in the pan by declaring that Microsoft was not done with the smartphone market yet. Better, he also mentioned the future launch of new phones totally different from the previous ones.

Fun fact, the CEO of Microsoft has also drawn a parallel between these devices and the products of the Surface range, suggesting that they will be as innovative as the latter were when they entered the market, a market where 2-in-ones were not very common.

In the meantime, the firm has launched a mini site focused on this event. It is located at this address .

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