Microsoft also on the trail of the quantum computer

The quantum computer is considered to be the future of computing. Many researchers are currently working on this project. The research team of the famous American multinational computer and microcomputer founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft Corporation, is one of them. Moreover, she is making great strides on her project.

Microsoft has made quantum computing a priority for its research. The firm intends to go further in this area. The American group would like to control the entire stack, including the chip to the OS. The processor and the programming languages are also developed by the brand.

Microsoft Also On The Trail Of The Quantum Computer

By carrying out this project, the multinational intends to completely revolutionize the world of IT. However, there are still quite a few steps to take before he can get there.

The particularity of the quantum computer

Today's computers operate with bits representing digits one or zero. On the other hand, quantum computers work with qubits or quantum bits operating simultaneously with ones and zeros. It is this ability to process values simultaneously that makes quantum computing exceptional.

The latter is able to bring a power and a capacity of calculations to quantum computers largely superior to normal computers. According to Krysta Svore, the manager who heads the development of Microsoft software designed for quantum computers: “ A quantum computer is capable of shaping nature. "

Microsoft's ambitious project

The difficulty with the development of a quantum computer is that the material must be constantly cooled to a temperature of a few "millikelvin", that is to say just above zero. In addition, the qubits are still unstable.

For daily use, it is therefore still impossible to operate such a computer. Microsoft is currently trying to resolve this issue with the topological qubit. He also plans to develop languages and tools for the quantum computer.

Microsoft is confident about the progress of its quantum computer project. On the other hand, it is not at all a question of talking about a release date. The competition is also working hard to be the first to present it to the general public.

Whatever the case, once it has reached maturity, quantum computing alone will upset many sectors and the daily lives of Internet users.

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