Microsoft announces permanent teleworking for its employees, with a reward

The COVID-19 pandemic will have turned our world upside down and certain habits, however deeply rooted. In France, while office work is predominantly present, companies (which could) had no other choice but to opt for teleworking . Some big industries have not escaped it, like CD Projekt to ensure that Cyberpunk 2077 can continue its development, while the game is now Gold . Some tech giants have also started this remote work, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, which will soon market its Xbox Series X / Series S.

And it is precisely Microsoft which announces a decision in connection with teleworking.

Microsoft announces permanent teleworking for its employees, with a reward

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The American company allows permanent teleworking for its employees, but with a small consideration.

Leaving your personal office will be required if you adopt telework

Microsoft allows permanent teleworking for all employees, announces Kathleen Hogan, in charge of human resources. For US society, it is about allowing its workers to be much more flexible as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the country hard, killing tens of thousands of people. Thus, for half of the work week, employees can be at home.

On the other hand, Microsoft asks for a counterpart . Employees who switch to permanent teleworking will have to forgo the office they have been given. They will use those made available by the company in a dedicated space. Not to mention that employees who decide to move may see their wages change .

In Kathleen Hogan's internal memo, the one in charge of human resources explains that “ COVID-19 gives us the objective of thinking, living and working with new habits (…) we allow the greatest flexibility to allow all styles of work to express oneself, while allowing a balance between what society needs while allowing us to live from it ”.

Unfortunately, some employees are not concerned with teleworking, for positions that require a physical presence. This is particularly the case for people who have to use data centers, work in laboratories or train staff.