Microsoft asks Xbox Series X owners if they would like functionality from PlayStation pads

In a survey directed at Xbox Series X owners, Microsoft asks these users in particular if they think the console is “next-gen” and if they would like the controller to adopt the functionality of PlayStation controllers, and probably first. instead the DualSense of the PlayStation 5.

When we pay around 500 euros for a machine supposed to bring us into a new world, it is obvious that we expect the manufacturer to have put inside everything he intends to operate for years to come.

Microsoft Asks Xbox Series X Owners If They Would Like Functionality From Playstation Pads

TechRadar reports that Xbox Series X users have received a survey in which Microsoft is hesitant about the strengths of its machine. Many times, respondents can choose from five levels of sentiment, ranging from 1 for “I strongly disagree” to 5 for “I strongly agree” with the statement.

After a sharing function on its controller, Microsoft would like to continue to follow Sony

It is for example asked if the console seems to us of “high quality” , if it meets the criteria of the “next-gen” , and one understands then why the owners of the Xbox Series S are not concerned by this investigation. . Even more astonishing to see Microsoft asking its players if they would like to see features of the DualSense, in particular, in the controller of the Xbox Series X.

Note that the name of the PlayStation 5 controller is not mentioned here and that Microsoft speaks of “PlayStation controllers” . In other words, the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 pads would be in the viewfinder of the American manufacturer.

Our colleagues point out that the new Xbox wireless controller has already adopted a function similar to that of the “Share” button on the DualShock 4. The DualSense is distinguished in particular by a haptic feedback and triggers offering a adaptive resistance.

Just when we said to ourselves that, for several years now, game consoles no longer really stood out from each other and looked more like PCs.

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