Microsoft becomes a Platinum member of Linux Foundation

It is not a joke. Strange as it sounds, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, has indeed welcomed Microsoft as a member of the organization. No one could have imagined that the bond between the two parties would take such a turn judging by their relationship ten years earlier.

John Gossman, an executive at Microsoft and an architect for the Azure team, will now be a high-ranking person on the Linux board. Even more paradoxical: the Redmond firm will become a “Platinum” member of the organization.

Microsoft Becomes A Platinum Member Of Linux Foundation

Microsoft and Linux now go hand in hand.

After years of rivalry, have the two sides really decided to replace guns with bouquets of flowers?

A new vision at Micosoft

This seemingly unlikely decision is indeed the reality. If we observe the course of events well, it is rather logical and probable. Microsoft is currently giving its all on its Cloud project and investing in Open Source. Linux will then be for him a strategy to face the competition, but not only.

After noticing that his customers use Linux frequently, Satya Nadella, the CEO of the American group, decided to satisfy them as much as possible. During the Linux Con conference, Wim Coekaerts also added: “We want them to be happy. We have to play in an open and heterogeneous world. ”

A strategic opening

After all of these facts, the days when former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux cancer seem long gone. Since the current CEO took over, Microsoft seems to be getting a little more open. In addition, the brand has gradually turned to open source culture for a while.

If Microsoft has changed course, it is because it is subject to constraints linked to events and changes in the market. This collaboration is therefore a pragmatic strategy to ensure the development of the Cloud.

Finally, “Microsoft has grown” concludes Jim Zemlin. It must be recognized that the IT giant no longer has the monopoly it had 10 years ago. In addition, society lags behind in certain areas and to catch up, it needs to open up to others.

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