Microsoft breaks away from Intel and designs its own ARM chips

Currently, Qualcomm, AMD and Intel are the big names in the supply of computer chips and hardware. However, some companies seem to be determined to do without their grip, such as Microsoft, which is embarking on the design of its own ARM processors for the servers and the future Surface device.

According to the Bloomberg News report, the processors will not only be based on ARM designs but they will also be used on Microsoft's Azure cloud services servers.

Microsoft breaks away from Intel and designs its own ARM chips
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In addition, Microsoft is also in the process of testing the use of another chip for its Surface devices but nothing indicates that this test will succeed or not.

Microsoft is not on its first try

It should be noted that Microsoft currently uses Intel processors in most of its Azure cloud services and Intel chips are also used in most of the company's Surface line. However, the software giant has expressed a desire to distance itself from this supplier by partnering with AMD and Qualcomm to design custom chips for its Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X devices.

Additionally, Microsoft has already co-designed an ARM-based SQ1 processor for the Surface Pro X in 2019 and has continued its momentum with an SQ2 variant released a few months ago. The company also worked with AMD to create a more customized version of the Ryzen processor for the Surface Laptop 3, The Verge reports.

Microsoft wants to invest in its own capabilities

As a reminder, the current situation is that Intel's server chips dominate the server market and ARM servers only represent a small part of the market for now. However, more and more companies like Microsoft and Apple are interested in it precisely because of its higher performance and the advantageous costs they offer.

Contacted by The Verge, Frank Shaw, Microsoft's communications manager was careful not to deny or confirm this information. He nevertheless said that silicon is a fundamental part of the technology and that Microsoft continues to invest in its own capabilities “ in areas such as design, manufacturing and tools while encouraging and strengthening partnerships with a wide range range of chip supplier '.

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