Microsoft Edge houses a nifty easter egg

Did you know that Microsoft Edge has recently integrated a nifty easter egg? Based on Chromium, Microsoft's internet browser now has a little surf game to keep you occupied when the internet connection is not working properly. Just like Google's Chrome browser, Microsoft's browser gives you this little game when it detects that you are offline.

But that's not all. The game can be activated even while online. To do this, simply type "edge: // surf" in the address bar of your Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge houses a nifty easter egg

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Quite simple, but a lot of fun, this little game from Microsoft should be a hit with people who love retro 8-bit games.

Inspired by the classic SkiFree Windows game

This nifty little game, which was integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser with its latest update, was inspired by the classic Windows game “SkiFree”. This easter egg challenges players to surf the water and achieve a record high score.

To make the game more attractive, the surfer will have to avoid reefs, other surfers, the Kraken and other obstacles. In addition, players will also be able to collect hearts which can extend the life of the character, climb stages and increase speed.

The game even includes two game modes, the "against the clock" mode and the "zigzag" mode which is based on a goal to be achieved.

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The game is playable both online and offline

According to Microsoft, the game has been in the testing phase since last February. And since it was made public, the tests would therefore have been conclusive.

To access the hidden minigame, you must first make sure that you have the browser version 83.0478.37 installed. The game is automatically displayed if there is a problem with the internet connection. However, it is also playable when you are online. To do this, simply type "edge: // surf" in the address bar of the browser.

Since the browser is available on various platforms, gamers can use different inputs to play it: controllers, mouse, keyboard, and even Microsoft Surface touch screens.

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