Microsoft Edge will soon offer a price comparison

Microsoft has just announced the arrival of an update for its Edge browser. Among the new features that it incorporates, it is possible to cite a price comparison tool as well as a screen capture tool which promises to be very practical.

The Redmond firm is adding new features to its web browser. In a new blog post , the American giant announces the arrival of an update that aims to improve the user experience. For now, one of its components, a price comparison, works only in the United States, but given Microsoft's international reach, deployment in other countries is undoubtedly planned. It must even be said that this is the most important addition of this update. With this functionality, the Internet user will be able to compare the price of an item online, without changing tabs.

Microsoft Edge will soon offer a price comparison

Microsoft Credits

Microsoft explains that thanks to a button that allows you to create a collection in a section of the Edge interface, the tool gives the possibility of comparing the prices charged by different retailers for a given product.

Coupon options in sight

As indicated above, this novelty seems for the time being reserved for users located on American soil. The publisher of Windows nevertheless promises to integrate it soon into a more proactive service with coupon options.

In addition to this price comparison, this month's Edge Update features a new screenshot tool. Although there are various ways to capture a web page, it is clear that most of the tools available only allow you to capture the area displayed on the screen.

With this solution that Microsoft has just added to its web browser, it is now possible to capture an entire web page and scroll it as if you were viewing it in its online version.

Other improvements to the appointment

The update also improves the handling of PDFs. Edge now supports table of contents. Thanks to this feature, you will no longer have to blindly browse through a document. Instead, just click to view a specific section.

In addition, Microsoft is adding the integration of Pinterest to the Collections feature to allow us to easily export web pages, images or text to tables on the social network.

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