Microsoft gets another slap on the wrist for its Surface Laptop 2

The sky has – again – fallen on Microsoft's head following the passage of its Surface Laptop 2 at iFixit . The site experts have indulged in their favorite activity; the latter is simple: it consists in reducing (as carefully as possible) the latest high-tech products into spare parts to assess their ability to be repaired if necessary. And once is not custom, the new products of Microsoft are real dunces in the matter. The second Surface Laptop of the name thus passed on the table of the professionals of the site to be entirely disassembled there and to collect the score of 0/10 in index of repairability.

Impossible as it is to disassemble anything without peeling off the Alcantara coating so characteristic of the device. A coating that can no longer be repositioned once removed. This is a sign that Microsoft has – once again – favored the design and meticulous assembly of its product at the expense of ease of access to its various components.

Microsoft gets another slap on the wrist for its Surface Laptop 2

The second Surface Laptop of the name has passed into the delicate hands of the experts at iFixit… for a record almost as disappointing as last year with its predecessor. The 2018 vintage of the device will have to be content with a nasty 0/10 in repairability score.

iFixit reports that it is very difficult to reach even the jack output in order to replace it, and that the main components (processor, RAM and storage) are soldered to the motherboard, thus making any repair or upgrade is totally impossible.

iFixit hardly more lenient with the Surface Pro 6

Last Wednesday, the American site was also able to get its hands (or put the screwdrivers, it's up to you) on the new Surface Pro from the manufacturer of Redmond. This 6th iteration of the product, presented with the Surface Laptop 2, in New York earlier this month, also received a mediocre rating (1/10).

This time iFixit highlights the use of standard Torx screws, and the possibility of replacing the headset socket as the only strengths of the tablet question repairability. For the rest, the latter is just as painful to dismantle as the Surface Laptop 2 or the Surface Pro 5. Which also peaked at the sinister score of 1/10 when it passed through the premises of the site there is almost a year to the day.

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