Microsoft has something planned for May 2

Microsofthas just announced that the firm will hold a special press conference on May 2 in New York to present its latest news. Awesome! Small flat however, the invitation sent to the press does not disclose any information on the subjects discussed during the event and we therefore do not know the program of the celebrations.

Fortunately, rumors have been going well for a few hours and some of our colleagues have thus managed to obtain information on this event and the various announcements planned by the American giant.

Microsoft Has Something Planned For May 2

According to ZDNet US, this event would thus be designated internally by the code name Bespin.

An event focused on Windows 10 Cloud?

If this term is not completely new to you, it is quite normal. Bespin in fact refers to a planet in the Star Wars universe, a planet on which there is a city built in the clouds.

This detail is far from trivial. According to several sources, Microsoft is indeed working on a new version of its operating system, a version this time focused on the “cloud” and simply called Windows 10 Cloud.

More basic than the one we know, the latter would aim to offer a viable alternative to Chrome OS through a simple, light system capable only of running the universal applications available on the Windows Store.

Mary-Jo Foley goes even further and she thinks that the company could take the opportunity to present a new machine built especially for this operating system.

A Surface 4 as an alternative to Chromebooks?

Given its positioning, the latter should have no direct or indirect link with the Surface Pro or the Surface Book, but it could quite well be positioned in a segment equivalent to that of the Surface. This is only a personal hypothesis, but it would also be logical for this famous Windows 10 Cloud to be embedded on the Surface 4 given the audience targeted by the latter.

The idea here would be to show manufacturers what it is possible to do with Windows 10 Cloud, in order to encourage them to invest in this sector as well.

On the other hand, according to the latest rumors to date, one should not count on the presence of the Surface Book 2. This information is once again to be taken with caution, but several sources have indicated that the device will not be ready. in time for this event.

What about the Surface Pro 5? It would make sense for Microsoft to present it at the same time as the new Surface Book. If this is the case, then it too risks being delayed. And at the same time, it's not necessarily dramatic since it shouldn't revolutionize the genre .

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