Microsoft is the first company to migrate to Windows 10

Windows 10 has been available since this summer in final version. Many individuals have taken the plunge, but Microsoft must also convince companies to do so. The task may not be easy but the firm intends to set an example and it has just announced very good news: 95% of its employees have migrated to the new version of the system.

This migration took place in two stages. For starters, Microsoft's IT department deployed Windows 10 to 85% of its workstations in the four weeks following the release of the system.

Microsoft Is The First Company To Migrate To Windows 10

Microsoft migrated 95% of its workstations to Windows 10 and everything went very well.

Not bad is not it ? Sure, but he didn't stop there and he kept going for the next six weeks. Now the OS is used by 95% of the staff.

The migration to Windows 10 took place in two stages

Microsoft obviously welcomed the thing and the firm has also indicated that this deployment was the fastest in its history. And if it has broken all its previous records, it is mainly thanks to the use of its migration tool.

Thanks to this tool and also to the fact that Windows 10 was installed as a simple update.

Microsoft did not need to manage the images of the OS as it had done for Windows 7 and for the previous versions and it is also for this reason that it only needed 10 weeks to install the OS on 95% of the workstations in its fleet.

Either way, the migration was completely transparent to users as it had no impact on the applications used and staff data.

The firm has also done things well since it has scheduled updates at very specific times to be sure not to bother its employees.

Everything went very well, obviously!

If we are to believe the note posted here , then everything went very well and the employees of the company are happy to be able to benefit from all the improvements brought by the new version of the system. And at the same time, the opposite would have been surprising.

I know Windows 10 isn't perfect, but it still made a big impression on me.

I have had a Surface 3 for a few weeks now and its hybrid machine side is really very pleasant since it serves as a tablet as well as a netbook.

Afterwards, if you want my opinion, companies probably have every interest in waiting for the deployment of the next patches before migrating to the OS. Notice that goes for any system, eh.

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