Microsoft Most Important Announcements

Microsoft holds a developer event every year and this year is no exception. Build 2016 has just started and the firm held a press conference last night to present its latest innovations. If you weren't able to follow the event live, then here's what to remember.

Contrary to what one might think, the press conference did not only focus on Windows 10 and it thus lingered on several other products and in particular on Cortana, the Xbox or the Hololens.

Microsoft Build 2016 Most Important Announcements

Microsoft made quite a few announcements during its press conference.

In short, the tile crunchers got their money's worth and they must still have their eyes sparkling this morning.

Windows 10: a big free update for the summer

Windows 10 is still very popular with individuals and businesses. The system has effectively been installed on 270 million computers and has therefore broken all previous records.

Microsoft has also planned to deploy a first major update during the summer, an update referred to as the “Windows Anniversary Update” . Nice no.

It will bring a lot of interesting novelties. With Windows Ink, users will be able to take notes, draw pictures or even highlight text with their stylus. Cortana will also be able to recognize handwritten text and most software will benefit from these improvements.

This applies in particular to the Adobe suite.

Windows Hello will also go a little further since it will be able to rely on a fingerprint reader to identify the user on… his favorite sites. All thanks to the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Cortana will not be left out on its side since it will be possible to use its services from third-party applications.

Bots, more Bots, still Bots!

Bots are very fashionable and Facebook is obviously not the only one to be interested in them since Microsoft presented during its press conference a new platform entirely dedicated to these robots.

They will be integrated into all of the brand's platforms, including Skype. Thanks to them, it will be possible to obtain precise information on the subject of our choice. Companies and brands will obviously be able to develop their own Bots in order to offer direct access to their services.

The technology is based on Cortana and that also means that these robots will be quite able to understand natural language. It remains to be seen whether the developers will play the game.

In any case, they will have no less than 22 APIs to learn and they are also available now.

Cortana will get smarter

Cortana is undoubtedly one of the flagship products of the brand and Microsoft does not intend to stop there.

The assistant will be able to accompany us in all our games on the Xbox One and even give us a hand from time to time. Better, the beautiful will be able to explain to us the gameplay of a title.

In addition, Cortana will finally be able to find her way… in time. For example, it will be possible to ask him to open the Word document on which we worked the day before, or even to open the PowerPoint presentation of last year, all without having to put his hands on the mouse.

It's nice but the best is ultimately to come because Cortana will become a real platform in its own right and publishers will therefore be able to integrate the solution into their own software and their own services.

Bash <3 Windows 10

This is probably not the most shattering news of the evening but it still had its little effect and it even made a lot of people smile.

Bash , the famous Unix command line interpreter, is coming soon to Windows 10 and that means that developers and administrators will be able to use commands on the system all the commands available on OS X and Linux.

Microsoft has also made it clear that it was neither a virtual machine nor a simple emulation, but real Bash. The best is yet to come because the integration was carried out in partnership with Canonical and therefore with the publisher of Ubuntu.

HoloLens: expeditions have started

Microsoft also spoke at length about the HoloLens headset during its press conference and the firm notably indicated that SDK shipments had started.

She then took the opportunity to present a pretty crazy application. Galaxy Explorer allows users to virtually walk the galaxy and manipulate the planets with their hands. NASA also took the stage to present OnSight and Destination Mars, tools for walking on Mars.

It will probably take a few years for holograms to become embedded in our daily lives, but we must admit that this headset is very promising.

Full of universal applications

Windows 10 brings quite a few changes to universal applications. Thanks to them, a developer can easily adapt his application to desktop or mobile.

We must believe that the concept is starting to appeal because several companies intend to take the plunge in the weeks and months to come.

This is notably the case with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Vine and many others. Microsoft also offers a converter to help publishers and developers. In addition, the concept is not limited to programs and games will also be able to take advantage of technology.

Look, moreover, the American giant intends to unify the stores present on Windows and on Xbox …

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