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Microsoft has just announced very good news for all tile crunchers, and more generally for all those who use its office suite. Office 16 will be available in final version from September 22! Beautiful, isn't it? Certainly and the most beautiful in history is that you will not have to do anything to enjoy it.

The suite will effectively be deployed to all users subscribed to Office 365. They will even be the first to benefit from the update and they will only have to connect to the portal to retrieve the various modules of the suite.

Office 2016 Will Be Released On September 22

Office 2016 will be available in final version at the end of the month.

Companies are not forgotten either, but they will have to wait a few more days before they can get their hands on it.

Deployment is actually scheduled for October 1.

With some collaborative functions at stake

Office 2016 brings many improvements. Microsoft has boosted the performance of its suite, of course, but it has also implemented new collaborative functions on some of its modules. Users will be able to work together on Word documents and view changes made by their collaborators in real time.

In short, exactly like what the web version of the suite has been offering for some time.

Exchange will also be entitled to a new sorting function. Clutter will give pride of place to “machine learning” and he will be able to organize our emails without any intervention on our part. It will also learn over time.

Excel will be able to analyze the data more quickly.

The editor has integrated a lot of other things behind such as multi-factor authentication or even a tool to protect against data loss or theft.

Office may indeed display a message if you accidentally send a confidential document to a third party by email.

A lot of new features for Outlook too, starting with the integration of OneDrive. Users will be able to share large files in a matter of moments without needing to go through third-party services.

What about the box versions then? We do not yet know their price.

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