Microsoft Store drops commission from 30% to 12%

Platforms selling dematerialized software / games are real showcases for thousands of developers. Several services are very popular, such as the App Store offered on iOS or the Play Store for Android. On PC, Steam and the Epic Games Store are fighting a big battle in the video game segment while Microsoft offers its Microsoft Store. And today, the service has made a big decision that could bring in new developers. Enough to reach a lot more potential consumers and have an ever-growing store.

This decision is to lower your commission on each sale.

Microsoft Store drops commission from 30% to 12%

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From August, the Microsoft Store is boxing in the same category as the Epic Games Store. What cultivate the image of the good guy of the video game that Microsoft so cherishes.

Developers will be able to keep 88% of the money on each sale

As at the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store has decided to go from 30% to 12% commission on each sale from August 1, 2021. This concerns both the purchase of software and video games: an additional argument for developers. What make them want to take advantage of the showcase offered by the Microsoft Store. The service is also a winner with possible additional consumers and a larger catalog. In the merciless war of virtual stores, Microsoft must have a strong case.

Note, however, that this reduction in commission does not concern the Xbox. Microsoft may be waiting before applying this reduction for its console. Or maybe it's more strategic to lower your commission on PC. Difficult to know, the company does not communicate on this subject.

The Microsoft Store has every interest in charging a lower commission for developers. With the multiplicity of services, it is better to pamper developers. Not to mention that the Epic Games Store already offers a low commission of 12% and offers free games very regularly. We're talking about GTA 5, Alien Isolution, Hitman, Watchdog 2 …

As for competition, Apple remains fixed on its 30% commission, the source of its legal fight against Epic Games . Steam, leader in dematerialized video games, has applied the same rate for years.

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