microsoft surface 3 laptop price in usa: a new model is available in the United States

The Surface Laptop becomes more accessible. Microsoft has indeed launched a new model at the end of the week in the United States. It's priced at $ 799 and costs two hundred dollars less than the old base model.

Tested by us in this article , the Surface Laptop is a surprising machine in many ways. Lightweight and compact, it stands out as a solid ally for all users looking for a nomadic machine to accompany them on their travels.

Surface Laptop A New Model Is Available In The United States At 799

Despite its many strengths – and many strengths – the Laptop is unfortunately not a very affordable machine.

Surface Laptop becomes more affordable

Microsoft visibly intends to change this state of affairs and the firm has thus presented a new model in the United States, a model offered this time at the floor price of $ 799 and therefore at two hundred dollars less than the old basic version.

To reach this selling price, the company has of course made some concessions on the technical sheet of the machine and the latter is thus equipped with an Intel Core M3 coupled with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

This configuration will probably not be enough for video editing, but it will be sufficient for office use and for the web.

No launch announced in France

The shape obviously does not change and this new Surface Laptop is thus equipped with a brushed aluminum shell and a very beautiful Alcantara keyboard. The machine will also be available in several colors and it retains the same connection with a USB 3.0 port, a headphone jack and a Surface Connect port.

This new model is also compatible with the Surface Dial and it is available in several different colors: burgundy, platinum, blue or mineral. The platform does not change and we will thus find Windows 10 S.

At the moment, we do not yet know if this model will also be launched in France. If this is the case, you should obviously not expect it to be offered at € 799.

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