Microsoft: towards AMD chips in the next Surface Laptop?

Should we expect the arrival of AMD chips in the Surface range? Possible. According to the very knowledgeable Brad Sams of Thurrott , Microsoft could offer AMD processors in its next-generation Surface Laptops , due next year. This would be a first – or almost – for the firm, since with the exception of one or two forgettable (and forgotten) tablets, the range of home products from Microsoft has remained faithful to Intel under all circumstances.

The fact that Microsoft can offer, on certain models of Surface Laptop, AMD processors would constitute a reversal – at least partial – surprising for the giant of Redmond, but a reversal far from being without interest. Indeed, while Intel seems to be stagnating on the development of its 10 nm engraving process (the eighth and ninth generation Intel processors are therefore still dependent on the 14 nm process), AMD is preparing for its part to present its first mainstream GPU and CPU chips, engraved in 7 nm by TSMC. Technological advance could therefore, in the medium term, escape the blues.

Microsoft: towards AMD chips in the next Surface Laptop?

Until now exclusively powered by Intel chips, Microsoft's Surface range could offer AMD CPUs through the next Surface Laptop.

At the end of November, The Verge also suggested that Microsoft is annoyed by the delay taken by Intel on the 10 nm file. The brand would therefore seek an alternative to the founder of Santa Clara for its next Surface Laptop, in particular, which could therefore benefit from AMD chips and the Zen 2 architecture.

Microsoft's roadmap for 2019 would involve a new Surface Book and the launch of the “Andromeda” project

Broadly detailed by Brad Sams, Microsoft's roadmap for 2019 would unsurprisingly involve the launch of several devices in the Surface range. It would thus be necessary to count on the arrival of a new Surface Book, stalled without further details in the fourth quarter of 2019, and this in parallel to the launch of the Andromeda Project , planned on the same niche if however the latter is indeed ready to here there.

Perhaps more unexpectedly, Microsoft would also be working on a new device described as a smartphone companion. The latter would be designed to facilitate use, particularly in terms of navigation and entry. Brad Sams finally suggests that a new Surface Studio would be planned for 2020. It would have the particularity of being based on a modular concept, allowing certain components (such as the processor or RAM) to be changed on the fly, using removable and easily replaceable modules. One thing is clear, the next two years are likely to be busy for Microsoft.

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