Microsoft trolls Firefox and Chrome to promote Edge

Microsoft is obviously ready to do anything to attract Windows 10 users to Edge , and encourage them to use it on a daily basis. It must be said that the Redmond firm has never had much luck with its various browsers.

After the mixed success of the different versions of Internet Explorer (considered by many as a simple tool to install Google Chrome), here is that Edge – despite its many qualities – is also confronted with a certain indifference. The latter only represents 5.26% of market share, against 54.99% for Chrome and 11.14% for Firefox.

Microsoft Trolls Firefox And Chrome To Promote Edge

Microsoft trolls (again) its little comrades to promote its favorite browser: Edge

A trend that Microsoft seeks to reverse even if it means adopting certain questionable means, and shamelessly trolling its competitors to promote Edge as much as possible, by praising its merits.

“Microsoft Tips” or the good tips of Uncle Windows

It is therefore by means of small windows displayed when Windows 10 users surf on Chrome or Firefox, that Microsoft draws their attention (in a relatively strong way, it must be said) on Edge and its features.

If this brings to mind a few memories, that's normal: the Redmond giant had already used its famous “Microsoft Tips” for a similar campaign last summer.

Asked by Venture Beat about these windows, a Microsoft spokesperson replied that a new Edge promotion campaign had indeed been initiated in early November, through the “Microsoft Tips”.

It is therefore quite possible that you have already been confronted with these “tips” or that you will soon be exposed to them. An arrow window will tell you that Microsoft Edge is “ more secure than Firefox” and that it blocks “21% of malware that takes advantage of social engineering” in addition to Firefox or Chrome.

How to turn off these tips?

Tips initially intended as an aid to the user, but which are more akin – in fact – to (barely) concealed advertising.

The good news is that it's perfectly possible to turn them off. To do so, simply go to the settings of Windows 10, click on “ System ”, then on “ Notifications and Actions ”.

All you have to do is uncheck Windows “ tips, tricks and suggestions ”.

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