Microsoft will add new 'gestures' to Windows 10

Will Windows 10 be the reconciliation system? It is possible and Microsoft has apparently seen it big. A new start menu , a virtual office system , two-step identification , the guy seems to have accumulated good points and it's not over yet because he will also be entitled to new “gestures” as a bonus . Which will go even further than that of Windows 8.x, of course.

And be careful, because this is not an obscure rumor coming from an underground-web site that scares mum-il-remains-des-prozacs . No, this information comes straight from Joe Belfiore himself. Under your applause! Or ? When? He demonstrated this during a press conference organized at TedEd Europe.

Microsoft Will Add New Gestures To Windows 10

Windows 10 will be entitled to new gestures and that's good.

So of course, the “gestures” are not a real novelty since it is possible to benefit from them since the very first version of Windows 8. However, they did not go far enough and this is precisely what pushed Microsoft to review his copy.

More gestures, for more flexibility

From now on, well we will be able to do a lot more things with the touchpads of our laptops and that is rather good news for the more nomadic among us.

In the lot, well we will have for example the possibility of performing a vertical three-finger swipe from top to bottom to reduce all the open windows in the taskbar, and even to do the opposite gesture to recall them.

Otherwise, it will also be possible to associate this gesture with the famous Task View mentioned in detail in one of my videos on the Technical Preview . Like an air of deja vu? Normal, we also have the same option for Mission Control on OS X.

Still using three fingers but this time performing horizontal swipes from left to right, or vice versa, we can also quickly navigate between open applications.

Not bad is not it ? Certainly, and even if the apple crunchers (I am one) will undoubtedly not fail to laugh at the reading of these few lines, these announcements prove once again that Microsoft is on the right track. And me, that makes me happy. There it is.


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