Microsoft will not finally offer Windows 10 to hackers

Windows 10 will hit the market this summer and, as everyone knows, it will be offered for free to anyone with a valid license for Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. Yes, valid, because others ultimately have to (re) checkout. Against all expectations, Microsoft has decided to do an about-face and not to offer the new version of its operating system to hackers.

If you haven't followed the case, then know that it all started with an interview between Terry Myerson and Reuters. An interview organized at the beginning of the week, and widely mentioned in this (sweet) post .

Microsoft Will Not Finally Offer Windows 10 To Hackers

And no, hackers aren't going to be able to take advantage of Windows 10 for free after all.

The man has effectively dropped a huge paving stone in the pond indicating that the next operating system of his firm will not need a valid license to be updated. The idea was ultimately to get the pirates back on the right track.

Hackers will be able to update their machine to Windows 10, but then they will end up with an unlicensed machine on their hands

Needless to say, this initiative was unanimously welcomed by the press, by my neighbors and even by my baker.

But now, Microsoft wanted to "clarify" the situation, with bad news to the key. According to the press release sent to Polygon, the firm does not actually intend to offer anything to hackers. If they can also update their operating system, they will not get a valid license. Not at all, even.

They will have to go to the Windows Store to rectify the situation, using their credit card. When this is done, they can continue to use their machine as if nothing had happened.

I admit that this reversal of the jacket disappoints me a lot from Microsoft. The problem here is not to offer or not to offer licenses. No, what is problematic is rather to say that we are doing it, and then change your mind and say that it will not be the case.

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