Microsoft would consider stopping production of its Surface tablets

Microsoft launched its very first line of touchscreen tablets called Surface in 2012. These tablets were the promise of a whole new era for the company, but just recently the chairman of Canalys and a company executive from Lenovo announced that the US IT company may end its line of touchscreen tablets by the year 2019.

According to these two characters, this production stop would be due to the fact that the devices in the Surface range do not earn enough to Microsoft.

Microsoft Would Consider Stopping Production Of Its Surface Tablets

On the other hand, not everyone agrees with their opinion. Only a Microsoft representative could confirm the company's real intention.

Surface would not be profitable

Steve Brazier, CEO of analysis firm Canalys announced at a conference that Microsoft's CEO was more of a software and cloud-oriented man.

As proof, it has already enabled the company's withdrawal from the mobile market. In view of his priorities and past decisions, he believes it is likely that the firm will end this range.

Gianfranco Lanci, a representative of Lenovo, shares the same opinion on this question and he even thinks that the shutdown of the Surface could come sooner than expected: “ Microsoft is making a lot of money in the cloud, companies and Windows. . On the other hand, it loses some at the device level. I see no reason why they would want to continue with the Surface. "

Different opinions

The opinion of Steve Brazier and Gianfranco Lanci is therefore decided, but everyone does not think like them and several people have even contradicted their words.

Paul Thurrott, an American journalist very close to the American firm, thus mentioned on his site that these conclusions were “fake news”, that is to say news without foundation.

We will therefore have to wait for an announcement from Microsoft to know the true future of the Surface range. The company's decision will depend on their next financial results.

For this year, sales fell 2% in the fourth quarter while they fell 26% in the third quarter.

Still, it's possible that Surface sales will increase for the last quarter of this year.

Update: Microsoft has officially denied the rumor through Panos Panay.

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