Mind-boggling, Charizard Pokémon card up for auction for no less than $ 350,000

As of the end of 2020, for some reason, vintage Pokémon collectible cards have been selling for prices that would make more than one pale. This time, the spotlight is on a Charizard card, estimated at over $ 350,000 .

This highly prized item, rare and in immaculate condition, will be leaving during an event organized by Heritage Auctions , an auction house, to be held on January 14, 2021 . This Charizard card will then be found alongside other collectibles from the Pokémon universe.

Mind-boggling, Charizard Pokémon card up for auction for no less than $ 350,000

Heritage Auctions Credits

Before this Charizard card, a Florizarre Pokémon card went for $ 369,000. This shows the enthusiasm of fans, but above all of collectors who do not skimp on the means to acquire these rare small boxes.

Many factors justify the estimation of this card

One of 2,627 models certified by the Professional Sport Authenticator ( PSA ), a company specializing in collectible card authentication, this Charizard card has been graded at 10 Gem Mint , which is the highest rating. This ensures that this item is in perfect condition.

It is precisely from the First-Edition Base Set Rare Hologram collection , and even its shine is perfect. In the details, the impression as well as the centering of the representation of Charizard have no flaws. According to Jesus Garcia , assistant manager of comic book operations at Heritage Auctions, this Charizard card meets all the conditions to go over $ 350,000.

Still according to the latter, the object, bearing the number 4, is a highly sought-after piece by all seasoned collectors. With all its qualities, its estimate, which is clearly very high, is apparently quite justified.

You can find similar items in store

During this sale, which will be held on January 14, we can also find Pokémon cards from Tortank , Florizarre as well as sealed recall boxes from the 90s . As noted above, towards the end of 2020, a Florizarre Pokémon card, also rated at 10 Gem Mint by the PSA, went away for $ 369,000.

Note, however, that it is not only at auctions that you will be able to find this kind of object.

And indeed, even in specialized stores you can also find very interesting items, such as the first edition of the Pokémon card Tortank, produced in 1999, in immaculate condition. First Edition Sealed Fossil Booster Boxes, which will allow you to store your cards, are also available if you have the right eye.

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