mio mivue 785 gps navigation device


mio mivue 785 gps navigation device

Advantages of mio mivue 785 gps navigation  :

It is a car video camerawith its own display.

Touch control is easy and pleasant.

It is effective even in the dark.

Record smoothly in Full HD, even at high speeds.

The 140 degree angle is suitable for all situations.

It also includes a distance sensor, with a radius of about 5 meters.


It does not have a wi-fi interface to transfer files to your mobile phone.



It has its own display, easy to watch, on which you can clearly see everything that the camera records. At the same time, it does not distract from driving, taking up quite a bit of space on the windshield or anywhere you decide to install the gadget. The diagonal of the screen, about 7 centimeters, is a very good design choice in this regard.

You can set and adjust this car video camera very easily, just by operating from the touchscreen display, without resorting to finding the buttons by pipaire. This way of controlling orders is very popular nowadays. The menu icons are large and spatially delimited quite clearly from each other. This means that they will be easily found even by people with big, thick fingers, or if you are busy tracking traffic while driving. mio mivue 785 gps navigation device

Driving at night imposes the need for very good recording in low light conditions. This camera responds very well to that situation, the reviews mentioning the fact that it can record so well that you can also see the registration numbers on dark streets.

The high resolution, standard Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), along with the ability to shoot at 30 frames per second, both work to provide quality images. Thus, if at a registration you will want to see the registration number of the cars on the opposite direction, the image quality will also offer you this possibility.

The shooting angle, in any car dashboard, should be at least 110 degrees. In this model, it considerably exceeds this value, the width of the horizontal angle being 140 degrees. This means that you will be able to see clearly even the cars that did not completely overtake you.

If you get too close to a vehicle, the distance sensor included in this camera will emit an audible warning to increase the space between the two cars. Many collisions occur due to neglect of distances between vehicles while driving, and the addition of this function is another element that increases the benefits of driving safety.

Conclusion about mio mivue 785 gps

We can say that it is one of the best board rooms at the moment. Its price is average, but overall it has too many advantages to be omitted from the lists of potential purchases, for any driver. It works very well in any situation, and the options offered will be to the liking of beginners, but also of experienced leaders.


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