MIT Researchers Work on Ultra Low-GHG Hybrid Aircraft Concept

While global warming is currently a major problem, we cannot deny that the GHGs (greenhouse gases) that conventional airplanes emit strongly contribute to the progression of the phenomenon.

But through this project of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a concept of hybrid aircraft with very low GHG remission, this concern may one day be solved. If this project materializes, it will be beneficial to human health as well as to nature.

Mit Researchers Work On Ultra Low Ghg Hybrid Aircraft Concept

Phot by Ante Hamersmit. Unsplash Credits

In general terms, the concept of this hybrid aircraft differs a lot, but not entirely from that of current aircraft. But while this whole new kind of device project holds great promise, it won't see the light of day anytime soon.

A revolutionary concept that requires patience

For this device, the gas turbine is always similar to that which can be found on a conventional airplane. Only, it is in the hold, but not on the wings. Thanks to this innovation, an electric generator will be able to help turn the propellers still located on the wings. It should be noted that a control system will make it possible to minimize the GHG emissions of this turbine, in particular that of nitrogen oxide.

But developing this hybrid aircraft will not be easy. The biggest challenge is with the battery . Indeed, no battery can yet be used to power a device of this size.

But according to Steven Barrett, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, even if it will inevitably take time, the realization of this project is quite possible. And the pace at which technology is advancing may just be a matter of time.

This hybrid aircraft is the solution to aircraft pollution

As the researchers indicate, first of all, thanks to this kind of device, the planet will be better off. Indeed, the level of nitrogen oxide emissions, which will be 95% lower than that of conventional airplanes, will reduce smogs (mists composed of pollutants) and acid rain.

It is also important to point out that nitrogen oxide is particularly harmful to humans. Indeed, this gas is one of the main causes of cardiovascular problems which annually lead to around 16,000 deaths.

Thus, thanks to this type of device, which will make it possible to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 95%, the number of deaths per year mentioned above will decrease by 92%. What could be better for our health and that of the planet?

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